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As an experiential learning design consultant and coach, I help organization leaders, program directors and consultants develop educational content that is participant learner/user-centered and focused on outcomes for continuous improvement.  

Over the last two decades, I have created customized content and processes for diverse groups of participant learners in various settings. Always with the client's end-goals in sight, I develop curriculum that challenges and supports their participant learners and which honors the topic and setting, time parameters, and most importantly, the participant learners involved.

My consistent goal is to help clients create final products that enable their program participants to gain new perspectives and make changes in behaviors that support them both personally and professionally and advance organizational goals.

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Examples of past projects:

  • Faculty development workshops on the Experiential Learning Model and its application for better student outcomes

  • Experiential Learning Consultant for an extensive bias workshop for a major healthcare employer

  • Co-led a national faculty development and leadership institute for state courts

  • Founded, developed and led a faculty development and leadership institute in Memphis to address local challenges through volunteer leaders in the community. Self-directed projects addressed issues such as domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and elder abuse.

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