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Coaching is a mutual discovery process in which the client and coach commit to work together to identify the client’s values, passions, strengths and gifts and envision how these attributes and desires can lead to a new endeavor, life chapter, or career change for the client. 

In coaching, my goal is to facilitate individuals’ discovery of their own gifts by listening, guiding them through valuable learning experiences and assessments, asking questions to stimulate awareness, reflection, and action, and offering relevant connections to people and opportunities so they may flourish both personally and professionally.


What We Will Do:

  • Meet face-to-face or online to focus on the goals you establish initially and as we progress;

  • ​Complete a series of exercises and processes;

  • Complete career & self-exploration assessments;

  • ​Address challenges that get in the way of changes you want to make;

  • Connect to appropriate resources that will advance your learning;

  • ​Create opportunities to expand your network;

  • Develop and implement a plan that honors the story you want to create for yourself. 

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